Marshall LaCount is an inter-disciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. For inquiries and available works please fill out the form below.

Quieter Places at Exhibit Salon, Brooklyn, NY, 2018; SHED at Royco Contemporary, Beacon, NY, Gallery and Cultural Center, Co-Curator and Producer, 2017-present; Yes, Thank You For Asking, Group Exhibition, Beacon, NY, 2017; Body Shop, Studio Collaborative, Producer, Brooklyn, NY, 2015-Present; I Know What Art You Did Last Summer, Group Exhibition, RE Institute, Millerton, NY, 2015; Submerged Motherlands, Performance Commission, Producer, Brooklyn Museum, 2014; XXXPRSNXXX, Expressions, Album, 2014; Empire Drive-In by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark, Participating Artist, NY Hall of Science, 2013; Flood Tide, film by Todd Chandler, Actor and Collaborator, 2013; Dark Dark Dark, The Snow Magic, LP, 2006, Love You, Bye, EP, 2007, Bright Bright Bright, EP, 2010, Wild Go, LP, 2010, Who Needs Who, LP, 2012, What I Needed, EP, 2012, Flood Tide, Soundtrack, 2014; Dark Dark Dark and the Modern Times Spychestra present Fritz Lang’s Spies, Live Performance Commission, Producer, Walker Art Center, 2011; Let Me Tell You About A Dream I Had, Sculptural Installation, Collaborating Artist, Philadelphia Arts Alliance, 2011;
Heartland, Sculptural Installation, Collaborating Artist, Van Abbemuseum, Netherlands, 2008; Being Here Is Better Than Wishing We'd Stayed, Sculptural Installation, Collaborating Artist, MASS MoCA, 2008;

Also a collaborator on the artist Swoon’s Miss Rockaway, 2006, Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, 2008, and Swimming Cities of Serenissima, 2009

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